gccI have found the perfect recipe for the transition from soup season to grilling season, this recipe for Grilled Corn Chowder I found in Better Homes & Gardens magazine.

Sure it is technically spring, but it is still chilly in much of the country so it is ideal for grilling outside and bringing your fare inside to finish off a great meal. This recipe for Grilled Corn Chowder is the best of both words.

A tip from Better Homes & Garden’s recipe for Grilled Corn Chowder: “To easily remove corn kernels from the cob, place an ear of corn in the center opening of a fluted tube pan. Starting at the top of the cob, cut downward with a sawing motion so the kernels fall into the pan while the cob is firmly secured.”

Find the recipe for Grilled Corn Chowder from Better Homes & Gardens magazine here.

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