DBFI love companies that are so dedicated to what they do their whole identity revolves around it – like the fine folks at the Doorbell Factory. The Doorbell factory has an amazing array of…

Wait for it…


Seriously, they have a ton of doorbell designs… who knew?

I like the Bronze Plated Bear Doorbell.

Despite what I said above and their name, the Doorbell Factory also has a full line of amazing door knockers in addition to doorbells. I like the bronze Yorkshire Terrier “DogKnocker” they offer.

DBF2About the Yorkshire Terrier DogKnocker: “The Yorkie DogKnocker was cast in solid bronze using the age-old art of sand casting. The sand mold for the casting process is used only once, giving each DogKnocker its individual character. The Yorkie DogKnocker was treated with a dark patina, then hand polished and coated with a clear lacquer to protect its original finish. In order to confirm authenticity and quality craftsmanship, your DogKnocker carries the signature of artist Michael Healy.”

Come to think of it my friend Lynda has a Yorkie doorbell that goes off even before you get to the door… but it is much cuter and furrier than anything the Doorbell Factory has to offer.

See all the great doorbells, and other door-related products, from the Doorbell Factory here.