FF: Tricky Dix Mojo

DIXI love chicken grilled on the barbecue. Rub a little Tricky Dix Mojo on the chicken first and you have a perfectly seasoned dinner with a kick.

About Tricky Dix Mojo: “Get your hands on the original Tricky Dix Mojo. This tin is the perfect size for using Tricky Dix as a drink rimmer. Or keep it by your spices and use a bit as a meat rub. It’s your choice! 19 ingredients featuring garlic, onion, cumin, and mild chilis.”

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FF: Bandar Monkey Sauce

BMSIf your prefer your dinner kicked up with a condiment instead, I love the “Indian flavors for American tastes” of the Monkey Sauces of Bandar.

About Bandar’s specialty sauces: “Bandar Monkey Sauce is the first mainstream Indian hot sauce! Bandar’s first two products are inspired by co-founder Lalit’s family recipes of mango pickle (achar) and mint cilantro chutney – ubiquitous condiments found throughout South Asia. However, these playful monkeys, added their own spice blends and puréed these sauces down from their typical chunky form into tasty, appetizing, squeeze-bottle condiments that until now didn’t exist anywhere in the world! The savory, spicy flavors of Bandar’s All Natural Spicy Mango and Mint Cilantro Chili Sauces can be enjoyed by Americans on just about anything that could use a unique, exotic kick – Bandar sauces go great with sandwiches, falafels, kebobs, and even waterlogged hot dogs.”

Try the Spicy Mango Chili Sauce: “Naughty or playful? You decide. We meddled with the achar pickling tradition to give you our Spicy Mango Chili Sauce. Its bold flavor and savory notes are great mixed in soups, rice, pizza, hot dogs and any other dishes that need a tangy lift.”

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FF: Vermont’s Red Kite Candy

RKCAfter you finished your spicy chicken dinner, top it off with a little candy treat – like the great candy from Vermont’s Red Kite Candy.

About Red Kite Candy: “For over twenty years, I made caramels and toffee for my friends and family as holiday gifts. As I refined my techniques and improved my candy, I found an increasingly eager crowd anxious to receive my sweets during the holidays. Encouragement from these friends and family inspired me to create Red Kite Candy in 2009. Red Kite now handcrafts several varieties of caramel, toffee, and nougat, shipping them around the country. All of our candies are still prepared fresh here in our Vermont kitchen with an emphasis on using the freshest local ingredients.”

Try Red Kite Candy’s Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.

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