APR2So yeah, it’s April and after the winter we have had I can say a few April showers would be a welcome change. If we do get drenched, I have the perfect way to stay dry, look good and do good all at the same time – the colorful Handmade Umbrellas from Marisol.

In addition to making umbrellas with cool handles and vibrant waxed fabric, a portion of Marisol’s profits go to help end violence against women in Africa.

About Marisol’s cause: “Marisol-brand umbrellas protect women not only from rain and sunshine, but from violence and war. Twenty percent of the net profits are donated to women survivors of sexual violence in The Democratic Republic of Congo to rebuild their lives at The City of Joy, a revolutionary healing and training center created by women on the ground and sustained by V-Day, a worldwide activists’ movement to end violence against women.”

APR3Staying dry and doing good never look so good.

About Marisol’s design process: “The greatest attention has been paid to quality and to courtesy in every aspect of Marisol’s design, make, and service. By limiting the editions, we ensure maximum variety of colors and patterns and allow each client to feel that her Marisol umbrella is special. A single print can yield up to four different patterns. Usually there are only ever three or four of a kind ever made, and many Marisol umbrellas are unique.”

Check out the Handmade Umbrellas from Marisol here.