LCDOIt is almost time to put away the crockpot for another season, but I am going to be cooking some nice meals outside in my new fire pit with a good old fashioned Dutch oven like the cast iron Dutch Ovens I found from Lodge.

About the cast iron Camp Dutch Ovens from Lodge: “From colonial hearth fires, to the campfires of Lewis and Clark, cast iron Camp Dutch Ovens fed our nation’s progression from the original 13 colonies to the far reaches of the American West. Today, Lodge Camp Dutch Ovens have proven themselves with outdoorsmen and patio pioneers from Tennessee to Tokyo…with the lingering aroma of food simmering and meals served to family and friends creating lasting memories.”

Lewis and Clark you say? Well, the famed early American explorers passed very close to where I am now in Kansas in 1804 when they camped at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. There are all sorts of historical markers around here honoring them and the many pioneers who passed through the region on their way west, most likely all with a Dutch oven like I plan on using.

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