FRANCEOK, it is time for me to lament one more time about not being in Paris for April. I long to stroll through the flea markets of the City of Light and the French countryside – a recipe for the perfect vacation.

Alas, I am toiling away in the “Paris of the Prairies” (KCMO) and will have to settle for a virtual trip to French flea markets and the perfect guide for this trip is the wonderful book, The Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price with photographs by Emily Laxer.

About The Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price: “A visit to a flea market can be the highlight of a trip to France: a lively encounter with everyday French culture, an exciting way to spend a few hours, and a chance to pick up a unique souvenir or add to a collection. Whether a first-time visitor or an experienced shopper, The Flea Markets of France is the indispensable tool for getting the most out of your visit. You’ll find descriptions of more than 200 markets and what regional items you’ll find there, as well as practical advice on visiting them, including tips on bargaining and collecting, a glossary of relevant French phrases, and a useful rating system which gives an overview of each market. Much more than a simple listing of French flea markets, the author’s warm suggestions of things to do nearby, places to eat, and local amenities ensure smooth travel and are complemented by bits of history and cultural observations.”

Ms. Price’s book, with Ms. Laxer’s wonderful photographs, transports you straight to France and gives you a glimpse of these iconic markets and provides everything you need to know to enjoy your visit when you are actually able to get over there for real.

Mmm, September in Paris has a nice ring to it too, no?

The Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.