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KGCBI love the Kitchen Garden Cookbook: Celebrating the Homegrown & Homemade by Jeanne Kelley, mostly because it is the perfect companion for what I like to do – use my own harvest to make a good meal supplemented with the seasonal finds from the local farmers’ market.

I’ve posted many times in the past about the joys of stepping out to my container garden to snip some herbs or a fresh tomato to use in preparing a meal. My exploits in cooking with fresh items from my garden are extremely humble compared to the potential Ms. Kelley presents in her wonderful book, but I am inspired to grow more and do more.

About Kitchen Garden Cookbook: Celebrating the Homegrown & Homemade by Jeanne Kelley: “There are few things more rewarding than sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal made with fruits, vegetables, eggs, or honey harvested right outside your back door. This gorgeous kitchen gardening cookbook is filled with simple and inspiring recipes as well as practical, useful information for anyone interested in growing the foods they love to eat. Little can match the pleasure of sitting down for a meal at a table laden with fruits, vegetables, or herbs from your own garden, along with eggs and honey from hand-raised chickens and bees. Whether you are an avid gardener with raised beds and a flock of chickens; grow a few herbs in pots on the kitchen windowsill; or purchase your seasonal ingredients from local farmers’ markets, you’ll find fresh ideas for cooking and gardening inside these pages.”

Ms. Kelley’s book, Kitchen Garden Cookbook, is the perfect companion to plan a meal before your trip to your local farm stand or farmers’ market to source a locally produced dinner, even if your own “kitchen garden” amounts to a dead succulent in an old pot.

Kitchen Garden Cookbook: Celebrating the Homegrown & Homemade by Jeanne Kelley can be found at Amazon and other fine book retailers.

east4I love these ceramic eggs I found from Country Door.  Described only as “pierced, embossed ceramic; blue/green glaze” by the folks at Country Door, these ceramic eggs are elegant.

I think these ceramic eggs would make a nice Easter decoration. They are classy yet cool as they have LED lights that make them extra special.

Not just for Easter, I think these would make a nice night like for a child’s room or a kitchen.

Find the LED Eggs from Country Door here.