KITApril is a good month to fly a kite. When the changeable weather is changing and dry, there is often a nice wind – perfect to take a kite to a local park. I have a few kites. None of them cost more than $10 and they fly just fine. But if you want to make a real fashion statement, you really need one of the great kite designs of Fredericks & Mae – like their “Noon” kite – but be prepared to pay way more than ten bucks.

About the Noon kite from Fredericks & Mae: “Silkscreened kite paper, stretched on a bamboo frame. A kite is a tethered aircraft. Kites have a history of practical application in human flight, military applications, science, radio, and light beacons while also having important cultural significance in parts of Asia, Europe, Polynesia and South America.”

Fredericks & Mae’s kites may be too nice to fly and would make a great wall hanging in a kid’s room or summer house. Meanwhile, the kites are just one of the very cool objects created by the talented pair.

About Fredericks & Mae: “Fredericks & Mae is the art/design team of Jolie Mae Signorelli and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen. The two met through a shared love for materials – Fredericks & Mae started in the piles of feathers, thread, gold and paper that decorated their first studio in 2007. Their collaborative practice has since evolved into a series of objects for the home, garden and sky. Fredericks & Mae is a material anthropology of objects with confused origins. Tools, games and rituals trace arcs though history and across the earth – we follow these arcs: nose to the ground and mouths agape.”

Check out the artistry of Fredericks & Mae here.