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VEGJust in time for Earth Day, which is today, I found Vegware, the solution for all the guilt I feel for using more than my share or disposable (yet not biodegradable) plates, flatware and other food packaging.

About Vegware: “By harnessing technology in creative ways, we can reduce the impact of today’s consumer society. Our products are made from plants. By choosing natural materials, we can reduce pollution, the use of finite resources, and the amount of waste which must be disposed of in a landfill.”

The best way to try out the products of Vegware is their Eco Party Pack which has everything you need for a party or for a few weeks of everyday use.

About the Vegware Eco Party Pack: “The Vegware Eco Party Pack is the perfect earth friendly solution for outdoor weddings, camp outs, family reunions, summer parties, backyard barbecues, 4th of July, corporate gatherings, any outdoor event or in the office or at home for the holidays.”

Learn more about the “earth friendly solutions” of Vegware here.