CONDMany trends have been uncovered in the four years of Lost Cowboy that have surprised me. One of the trends I did not expect is that it seems that I am crazy about light fixtures as evidenced by the number of post about lighting I have done in the past.

Well, the trend continues today, with the great Conduit Collection from Troy Lighting.

About Troy Lighting: “Being a Leader in an Industry requires many attributes. Our passion for quality, design, value and service lead the way. Our Team of Lighting Professionals are serious about producing awesome lighting and having a strong, well-run company. We strive to produce Interior and Exterior Lighting products that are unique in the marketplace. In fact, many of our Outdoor Lanterns are being used in Interior applications because the styles are so refreshing!”

Check out Troy’s Conduit Collection here.

See all the great designs of Troy Lighting here.