FF: Doux South Organic Pickles


I like pickles, but often find them boring, not so the pickles of Doux South Organic Pickles.

About Doux South Organic Pickles: “Chef Nick Melvin can trace his life-long passion for the southern tradition of pickling to his childhood, when he would stand in his mother’s New Orleans kitchen and pickle vegetables from the family garden. Now with the launch of Doux South, Nick continues the family tradition of pickling with his own modern touches. As a farm-to-table chef in Atlanta, Nick has developed close friendships with the best organic farmers in the area. Nick knows that to get the best flavor, you need the best products, and his respect for the farmers’ hard work and dedication is obvious in the magical way he preserves their produce.”

Try Doux South’s Angry Cukes: “Everyone loves a good ol’ pickled cucumber; you just can’t get around it. But why be boring with it? Being from Louisiana, Nick is in the habit of adding a little bit of a kick to whatever he cooks and these little cukes are no different.”

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FF: Bittermilk Cocktail Mixer Compounds

ff8Cocktail mixers and bitters have long been relegated to being a mid-century curiosity, but they are having a moment with fine modern products like Bittermilk Cocktail Mixer Compounds.

About Bittermilk Cocktail Mixer Compounds: “Bittermilk compounds are designed for the modern day cocktail enthusiast, to help mix up unique, quality cocktails following a simple ratio of Bittermilk to your choice of spirit. Each of our products use a bittering agent, a sweetener, and an acid to achieve a balanced cocktail. The labor is in the bottle.”

Try Bittermilk’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned mixer compound: “Strong and bittersweet, packed with old fashioned spices. No. 1 is aged in Willet bourbon barrels before bottling, adding bitter cocoa and coffee characteristics. Stir one part No.1 with four parts Rye in a glass with ice.”

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FF: Cedar Mountain Banjos

BANJWhat do banjos have to do with pickles and cocktail mixers? Well, nothing really, that’s what makes Cedar Mountain Banjos a random find. I love the art of the banjo and I love that there are people still crafting them by hand.

About Cedar Mountain Banjos: “For most of his life, woodworking has been a passion for CMB founder Lo Gordon. In 1993 Lo and his wife Mary sold their wooden garage door business and moved to Brevard, NC to pursue their dream of opening a music store and starting a banjo making business. At the time of the move, Lo had been playing banjo for a number of years and had made several banjos for himself. Having moved to North Carolina, Lo and Mary opened their music store Celestial Mountain Music in downtown Brevard, and started Cedar Mountain Banjos in 1996. In the midst of this transition, they continued to perform in their family band with sons Tim and Matt Gardner. Over the years, the music store became a central hub for the local music scene. In 2013 Celestial Mountain Music changed ownership and is now Southern Comfort Records, and continues to offer top-notch instruction and instrument repairs in the same historic downtown location.”

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