JAKEvery now and then I find a place that is the perfect fit for my sensibilities. Today’s find, Red Clouds Collective of Portland, OR is a perfect example. Red Clouds Collective brings us a full line of quality products that give a wink to old school craftsmanship updated for the modern world.

About Red Clouds Collective: “We believe in creating products with an honest approach and practical design. All functions and fabrics are considered in creating a lasting life for our products. We are designing for the people who want quality exceeding the standards and needs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. As a collective of makers and adventurers, each piece is an extension of our lives. We hope our creations help you along your path. All products are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon USA.”

Red Clouds Collective has many awesome products (things like ‘backpacks, belts, briefcases, sketchbooks, lighter holsters, knife sheaths, magnetic koozies, guitar straps, beach gear, t-shirts, hoodies, tool rolls, aprons, pencil cases, utility bags’) but I love their Journeyman Art Kit.

About Red Clouds Collective’s Journeyman Art Kit: “The word ‘journeyman’ comes from the French word journée, which means a day’s work or a day’s travel. A journeyman has a broad field of experience and this product was inspired by the working days and nights of Seth Neefus in his many areas of discipline and always having a sketchbook and pen by his side. The Journeyman Art Kit is made with Herman Oak leather and is available in Walnut or Black. 1 notebook and 3 micron pens (01, 03, 05) are included for a complete traveling art kit.”

Learn more about Red Clouds Collective and see all their cool products here.