nautToday’s find, the awesome retro photo site Retronaut, comes to us thanks to my dear friend Lynda.

Lynda came across this blog which curates collections of photographs to give us a treasure trove of our collective history. I can’t think of a better use for the internet…

About Retronaut: “Retronaut is a photographic time machine. It is a digital collection of tens of thousands of pictures from across the past, all with one thing in common – each one has the power to warp your sense of time .Our team mines archives online and offline, unearthing pictures that seem not to belong to the time when they were created, that dissolve away the years like tarnish on a ring, that take our collective map of the past and tear tiny holes in it – holes through which we glimpse the real past lying underneath our map. These are pictures that show not so much the past as they show ‘now’ – but another version of now.”

As someone who has been known to sit for hours sifting through old photographs at flea markets and antique shops (many times with the afore mentioned friend Lynda), Retronaut is an easy way for me to pass the time while stepping back in time without the need for a flux capacitor.

Checkout the true awesomeness of Retronaut here.