FLASKChicago-based designer Keelan Rogue Andrews has a keen eye for patterns. He has taken inspiration from the fabric designs of vintage neckties, skirts and suits and created a create line of products including flasks and wallets – using vintage fabric.

About Keelan Rogue: “My name is Keelan Rogue Andrews, and I am the founder and artisan behind these high-end flasks, business card holders and wallets. Hailing from Oregon, I now reside in the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. My inspiration is derived from years past, and the many vintage neckties and plaid skirts I witnessed as a child. Each pattern is chosen with great consideration; for both striking, attractive uniqueness but will also withhold steadfast durability. No matter the creation, I deliberately strive to re-create the old, cast-off items into a functional and stylish piece of art.”

Of course I love Keelan Rogue’s line of vintage print flasks.

An old necktie repurposed as a covering for a flask?  So much better for dad this Fathers’ Day than the tie itself…

Learn more about Keelan Rogue and see all his great products here.