Archive for June 15th, 2014

NATGEOThere is something about flipping through vintage issues of National Geographic magazine that is comforting.

There is something timeless and universal about the magazine and its coverage of the world in which we live and have lived for the past century that is very cool.

The photography in National Geographic is amazing and they have been capturing glimpses of our world for decades. I was pleased to discover National Geographic’s “Flashback” feature on their website – which makes it easy to explore some vintage pictures from old issues of the magazine without the risk of mold spores.

About National Geographic’s Flashback: “Each month, National Geographic features a photograph from our archives in Flashback. Browse through the galleries of historical images for a view into our past.”

I can spend hours flipping through old National Geographic’s and clicking though the great images in their online gallery – and it is not a waste of time.

Check out National Geographic’s Flashback gallery online here.