FALLENI really love the whole premise of Fallen Industry:

“Fallen trees, knocked down by industrial growth, reclaimed & reborn with beautiful purpose.”

Yep, the fine folks at Fallen Industry take the wood of fallen trees and turn it into some of the finest pieces of handcrafted furniture you are apt to find anywhere.

About Fallen Industry: “Our wood materials are all from fallen trees. Trees that were cut down to make room for industrial growth. Trees that have lived their lives and have fallen naturally. Or trees that were about to fall and cause damage to homes. The trees come from all over the country, and as new and unique projects arise, we must search deeper to find the exact right shapes and species. After all, trees don’t always grow the precise way you want them to. The wood is milled, kiln-dried, planed, cut, joined, butterflied, sanded, finished with a hand-rubbed oil, sanded, oiled, sanded, oiled, sanded, oiled… Then we use several coats of a secret company glaze to protect the wood from any future damage.”

The pieces made by Fallen Industry are not just furniture, they are works of art rescued from nature.

Learn more about the great work of Fallen Industry and see all their fine products here.