I figured that eventually I would find out what attracted me to the prairies of Kansas. Well I think I may have discovered it at long last: there is a big movement here to produce small batch whiskeys and bourbon. I’m in!

Back in the Wild West days, Kansas was a hotspot for whiskey. You know all those saloons in old western movies? That’s Kansas – as in Dodge City which was known as “the town to be born from a barrel of whiskey.” At some point Kansas became very conservative, perhaps to escape the image of whiskey-fueled gunfights, and became one of the driest states in the union.

Although still way more conservative than most of the country, Kansas is not nearly as dry as it used to be and there is a renaissance in the distillery business here these days.

DCDFor example, the fine folks at Dodge City Distillery have a wonderful locally produced spirit: Dodge City Distillery’s Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.

About Dodge City Distillery’s Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey: “Double Barrel Bourbon is one of the most labor intensive bourbons made in the U.S.A. Each batch is carefully aged for a minimum of 3 years, then re-barreled by hand for a second time to give it a very distinctive taste and color. Each bottle is hand-washed, hand-filled, corked, sealed, labeled, and hand-packed … done in the same manner used by our predecessors in the days of the Wild West. Bourbon in the 1800′s was worth as much as gold, and was traded as such as one of the “finer luxuries of life”. Savor the taste and the passions that goes into each bottle! Savor every precious drop! Lose yourself in this luxury!”

Visit Dodge City Distillery online here.

Learn more about Dodge City Distillery’s Double Barrel Bourbon Whiskey here.

DHDMeanwhile, the fine folks at the Dark Horse Distillery (just across the Missouri River in Kansas City, MO) has been producing their own brand of locally distilled beverages since way back in 2010.

About Dark Horse Distillery: “Founded in 2010, our story is not a long one. But all traditions have a beginning. Dark Horse is a young upstart, mixed with a bit of maverick and a splash of daring. But don’t confuse our fresh faces for a lack of commitment. We’re committed to our craft. Family owned and family operated, we started Dark Horse Distillery to bring something to Kansas City: bold, pure spirits hand-crafted with conviction, distilled with tradition, delivered with devotion. And while our story may be short, our spirits and passion will leave a lasting impression. We may be the Dark Horse you didn’t see coming, but we are the one you’re sure to come back to.”

Try Dark Horse Distillery’s Reserve Bourbon Whiskey.

About Dark Horse Distillery’s Reserve Bourbon Whiskey: “Distilled from a sour mash recipe, Dark Horse Reserve goes the distance. Handcrafted in our copper pot still using only traditional methods—we distill our bourbon whiskey gently in small batches and age it to perfection in our signature barrels. From first sight to final sip, you’ll be seduced by its tender notes of vanilla, maple, caramel and smoke. Neat or in a cocktail, our reserve is a smooth reminder that some things are best enjoyed slowly.”

Visit Dark Horse Distillery online here.