prepI went to prep school. There I said it. Yes, a New England prep school back at the height of the preppie invasion known as the 1980s.

So yeah, I may be an aging hipster, but definitely a hipster with preppie tendencies. Which is most likely why I fell in love with the fine folks at Ivy Prepster.

About Ivy Prepster: “Ivy Prepster is a lifestyle brand committed to creating unique apparel for the preppy wardrobe, such as its successful collection of distinctive, smart knit ties. Inspired by the resurgence of the tie in the male wardrobe and the modern prep movement, Ivy Prepster neckwear reflects the past, present and future of knit ties. The Ivy Prepster team has combined knit sweater inspiration and whimsical design to produce a knit tie line that is youthful and classic, yet modern distinguished by its patterns, points and preppy features.”

Ivy Prepster offers many fine accessories for preppies and wanna-be’s – but you can’t beat their line of bow ties.

Hey, you gotta love a company whose website features a section on “Prepster Etiquette.”

Learn more about the Ivy Prepster here.