GHH1I have always loved this photograph, “Divers” by renowned fashion photographer George Hoyningen-Huene which first appeared in Vogue magazine back in like 1930. I love the image as it captures an era lost gone by, but still holds something timeless for modern viewers. The photograph also evokes summer and what better time to take another look at it than on the first day of July?

About George Hoyningen-Huene’ “Divers”: “George Hoyningen-Huené’s much-seen 1930 photograph, simply called ‘Divers,’ depicts the photographer’s protégé Horst P. Horst and a model posing in Izod bathing suits. Horst, who soon after became an assistant to the Russian-born lensman and, of course, a photographer in his own right, was a frequent subject of Hoyningen-Huené’s pictures. The image’s meticulous and formal composition exemplifies both photographers’ aesthetic style. This image ran in the July 5, 1930, Vogue.”

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About Photographer George Hoyningen-Huene: “(Russian, 1900-1968) Huené came from an aristocratic Russian family that was forced from the country during the Revolution. An illustrator-turned-photographer, Huené began working for Vogue in the Paris office in the early 1920s. In 1925, he was promoted to chief photographer, a position he held for the next nine years. A mentor to Horst, Huené’s imagery is evocative and glamorous. His photographs rely on a balanced composition and a classical sensibility. His 1930 fashion portrait of two bathers looking off into the distance is considered one of the greatest photographs ever taken.”

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