dlpThis may sound weird, but I decorate with vintage license plates. I have a treasure trove of old New Hampshire tags that were nailed to a post in the barn dating back to the 1930s. About ten years ago my dad let me harvest these gems and I used them to make a large wall hanging that was part of my décor for years. Now, in my Kansas home, I have a strip of NH plates on a wall in a hallway to remind me of where I am from (and hopefully where I am going).

Anyway, I thought of all this when I came across these Double License Plate Lamps on the great Bourbon & Boots.

About the Double License Plate Lamps from Bourbon & Boots: “Light up the life of your favorite car enthusiast with a Double License Plate Lamps. Repurposed license plates are hand-shaped into a one-of-a-kind lamp. Vintage hubcap base varies in style from Chevy, Ford, Buick, Rambler or other. Most are chrome, some may be painted. (See below.) Built with brand new vintage-style cording and all-new electrical components. Bulb base is small chandelier style. Comes with one light bulb, but any small base bulb can be used as a replacement.”

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