KAnwThe nice surprises of life on the prairie continue – I just discovered Kansas Clean and Distilled Whiskey – not your grandfather’s whiskey.

About Kansas Clean and Distilled Whiskey: “Kansas is a new whiskey for new whiskey drinkers. Our mission is to take whiskey out of some cold, wet and damp peat bog and put it into a hot, wet and damp dance club. Kansas whiskey is clean distilled to be light with a crisp finish, so it’s incredibly easy to enjoy. It is the only whiskey in existence that appeals in style and taste to women who would otherwise order vodka. And to men who wish to order something far more interesting than vodka with all the attitude of whiskey.”

Learn more about Kansas Clean and Distilled Whiskey here.

Bonus Find – the most ask question about KCMO…

To answer the question I am asked most about my new home town of Kansas City, MO:

…yes, Kansas City does have a Renaissance festival!

Kansas City Renaissance festival!