FF: The Cold-Pressed Juices of Juice Generation

jj1I got on the juicer bandwagon a few years ago and went crazy juicing everything in sight for few glorious days. Until I realized it took longer to clean the juicer than it took to make the juices. So why make your own when you can get great Cold-Pressed Juices from Juice Generation?

About the Cold-Pressed Juices of Juice Generation: “Juice Generation juices are made to order on efficient, centrifugal juicers which extract juice from fruits and vegetables by spinning them through blades. The bottled cold-pressed juices on sale in our store refrigerators are made in a labor-intensive method at our USDA Certified Organic production facility. This method presses produce under great pressure to extract the juice, which preserves the highest nutritional content possible and delivers pulp-free juices that are superb for detoxification programs. At Juice Generation we offer both made-to-order centrifugal juices and cold-pressed bottled versions because it’s a question of taste and convenience!”

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FF: The Tomato Clips from Happy Cat Farm

HC1It is that time of year… the tomato plants are drooping over with their ripening harvest – which means it is time to secure these great Tomato Clips from the fine folks at Happy Cat Organics.

About the Tomato Clips from Happy Cat Farm: “Tomato Clips- If you spend the day with me you are likely to find one of these clips during the day, either in the house, in the truck, in the shed, with our tools. I have them everywhere and use them for everything. Made to clip tomato or other vines to trellis work (we use about 10,000 for tomatoes a year) these clips are a great and inexpensive to hold up your prized tomato plants, along with a thousand other uses. And they can be re-used the next year and then the year after that.”

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FF: The monthly artisan food subscription box by Mantry

FFqA couple of months back I posted about some of the great finds in the trend of subscription box services. I found another great subscription box, Mantry – featuring a monthly selection of fine artisan foods. This is a great gift for that special man in your life who may or may not be celebrating a milestone birthday very soon.

About Mantry’s artisan food subscription box: “Mantry is the food gift that brings months of surprise and excitement to any food lover. Each Mantry includes 6 full size artisan food products delivered to their door. Packed in a Handmade Wooden Crate and custom Manual detailing product stories and recipes.”

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