WTPI love the iconic vintage water towers that still grace the roofs of New York City. They add something very cool to the skyline and allow you to step back in time even if just for a few seconds in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

This summer, some of those water tanks are being covered in artwork to call attention to the global fresh water crisis. Nearly a billion people don’t have access to a safe water source and the folks at the Water Tank Project want to fix that.

About the Water Tank Project: “Launching summer 2014, The Water Tank Project will transform the New York City skyline. Artwork by acclaimed artists and New York City public school students will be wrapped around rooftop water tanks throughout the city, celebrating the talents of established and emerging artists, and calling attention to the global water crisis. The Water Tank Project is part art exhibition, part awareness campaign. For the duration of the project, art above will be complemented by action on the ground through educational programs, public tours, social media activities and a symposium dedicated to inspiring fresh views on global water issues.”

Learn more about Water Tank Project and how you can help provide clean water to people all over the world here.