b52When I was kid, long before the digital age, I would spend hours with a deck of cards. When not playing card games with my friends (we loved blackjack) or with my mom (hours of gin) I would make card houses. You know – when you lean and stack the cards against each other to build towers and such.

It was a lot of fun, even though it took a lot of patience and my oldest brother would inevitably knock it down just as I reach a new high point.

Anyway, I wish I had the internet when I was a kid, and I wish I had the very cool Build 52 Cards from Urban Canvas too – I would have made some really awesome care houses.

About the Build 52 Cards from Urban Canvas: “Urban Canvas has taken classic playing cards to a totally new level of fun! Children will be delighted to use their artistic talent to create a custom deck of playing cards. Each card is printed with the standard numbers and letters, but leaves plenty of room for a child to add their own designs and symbol system to make a unique deck of playing cards! The fun doesn’t stop there. Each Build 52 card has slots that interlock, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘house of cards’. This three-in-one toy is sure to keep kids busy and their imaginations active. Build it! Decorate it! Play classic card games with it!”

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