I think I have been in Kansas way too long. Folks around here think every place north east of Ohio is the same place. To them there is no difference between Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Forget any difference between Vermont and New Hampshire! I have posted before about my innate rivalry for Vermont – but thinking about being there right now is almost like thinking about being back in my beloved New Hampshire home. So, today, I bring a few straight out of Vermont Friday Finds.

FF: Bobo’s Mountain Sugar

BOBOOne good thing that comes out of the long cold New England winters is that once the cold breaks, the maple tree start flowing. Vermont is well known for their maple syrups, but none better than those of Bobo’s Mountain Sugar.

About Bobo’s Mountain Sugar: “Bobo’s Mountain is celebrating the hundreds of gallons of bold and mysterious dark amber, Grade B, and blackjack syrup that came off the mountain this spring. We are thrilled! Dark in color and robust and full-toned in flavor, these syrups are breakfast worthy but hold their own in any baking or cooking situation. We boil down the springtime sap from 2500 maple trees living on our hillside in Weston, Vermont. It is the unique blend of soils, climate, and terrain on Bobo’s Mountain that makes our syrup taste so good. Try out the 2014 vintage of liquid sugar coming from up north.”

Try Bobo’s Dark Amber: “Like Bobo, Dark Amber is elusive and mysterious, appearing at the end of the season when the sap is warm and the days even warmer. Big, bold, and sporting a dark red color, it has a strong maple flavor and a thick, rich texture. We hope it sticks around for a while, but it often makes a hasty exit. We drink it in coffee, in milk shakes, and poured lavishly over strawberry pancakes. It is huge.”

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FF: The Black Bean Burgers of Vermont Bean Crafters

vbcThe fine folks at Vermont Bean Crafters do a lot of things with their Vermont-grown beans, including making their yummy Black Bean Burgers.

Thankfully for us, they ship anywhere.

About The Black Bean Burgers of Vermont Bean Crafters: “Garlic and rosemary are the driving flavors in this variety. Though organic black turtle beans are the main ingredient, the sweetness of our onions and carrots give depth to the flavor. As with all of our products, these burgers are born on a countertop heaped high with vegetables, herbs, and grains sourced from our farmer friends throughout the region. As always, fresh and natural aren’t catch-phrases, they’re adjectives.”

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FF: Vermont Farm Table

VttMeanwhile, the folks over at Burlington’s Vermont Farm Table are making some really cool things out of wood. Sure they make awesome tables and chairs, but I like the simple things… like Vermont Farm Table’s handmade wooded Traditional Muddler.

About Vermont Farm Table’s Traditional Muddler:

“Our handmade traditional muddler. Perfect for mixed drinks, spices, and whatever your heart desires.”

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