dukeJohn Wayne liked his whiskey. Who knew? I guess it is only fitting that the man who is a true icon of Hollywood manhood would like the stuff. Well it turns out John “the Duke” Wayne had quite a taste for the stuff that led to a huge collection that he kept in storage and was only found by his family long after his death.

To honor Mr. Wayne and his taste for whiskey, his heirs have founded Duke Spirits, which now produces Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

About Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon: “The Style of DUKE Bourbon was inspired by bottles from John Wayne’s personal whiskey collection, preserved for over 50 years and only recently discovered. Meticulously blended to reflect The Duke’s preferred whiskey flavor profile from tasting notes left behind during the time he was planning his own distillery. Distilled the old-fashioned way; hand crafted in small batches and aged in new hand built heavily charred American Oak barrels. A selection of 5 to 10 year old whiskeys are chosen barrel by barrel and blended by hand before the DUKE Bourbon reaches the bottle, and ultimately, you.”

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