FF: The Happy Cat Colossal Collection

HCCMy container garden this year is lame – as in I really never got it off the ground. But that just means I have time to start planning for next year. My plans are going to start with the Happy Cat Colossal Collection of heirloom seeds.

About The Happy Cat Colossal Collection: “We couldn’t control ourselves. We had so many great seed collections we had to put them all together. These are the best of the best. Four of our best seed collections. Contains 24 seed packs. Each collection is in a glass jar that recycles into a Seed Saving Jar or IPA consumption device. Each collection includes a muslin bag full of education. About 20 sustainable seeds per pack. All seeds hand grown and packed in PA.”

Find The Happy Cat Colossal Collection here.

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FF: Lowcountry Linens

LCLI recently came across the fine folks at Lowcountry Linens. They have some really great linen products like these Anchor on Natural Linen Cocktail Napkins.

About Lowcountry Linens: “With years of background in design, it’s no wonder that it took Millie Burke only two years to launch a line that’s already swimming across international borders. Her appearance on the covers of renowned decor magazines like Traditional Home and Decor gives us a sense of how talented this designer really is. Maybe it’s her driven nature, pursuit of entrepreneurship, or charming taste that has facilitated the success of Burke’s ‘Lowcountry Linens’. Using her southern background and touch, Burke provides a unique selection of hand-printed linens including table-runners, napkins, towels, pillows and more.”

Find the Anchor on Natural Linen Cocktail Napkins from Lowcountry Linens here.

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FF: The Favorite Things Pendant Lamp from Chen Karlsson

cheI have come across this pendant lamp from Swedish design firm Chen Karlsson a few times in recent months and I need one. I have yet to find out how to get it – but I will not give up.

The Chen Karlsson “Favorite Things” Lamp is “a pendant lamp to let your treasured objects be exhibited and highlighted beneath a light source. Spread the light and tales of your favorite things.”

About Chen Karlsson: “We are a young Scandinavian-Asian design studio in Stockholm, Sweden. With half of the team originating from Asia and the other half from Scandinavia, we work together to developing innovative designs that create better business for our clients. And also, we would like to believe, better experiences and living comfort for the end user.”

Learn more about Chen Karlsson here.