13bI don’t need much help in picking bourbons and I can find one for every occasion. But I am happy to share this gallery I found recently on Men’s Journal’s website for my readers who may need a little guidance: 13 Bourbons for Every Occasion.

About 13 Bourbons for Every Occasion from Men’s Journal: “Bourbon is a workhorse. It anchors a catalog of favorite classic cocktails, it plays nicely with a glass full of rocks, but it’s also great neat as a slow sipper. This versatility also makes it solid choice year-round, no matter what the temperature is outside. The one problem with bourbon today is choice: there are so many good bottles out there, it can be a tough call deciding what to drink when. To make this decision easier, we put together this guide to some of the best bourbons out now — taking both price and quality into account — and the right occasions to consume them.”

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