pepIt turns out that I have been slacking in the basic seasoning department. It is well known that I have a thing for salt. Come to my kitchen and you will find dozens of different salts – many of which I have raved about on this very blog. But imagine how red faced I was when on a recent visit to my humble home on the Kansas prairie, my lifelong friend Lynda asked for some pepper and I had none to offer.

So I set myself to finding a pepper grinder and I have found many fine candidates, but none as cool as the salt and pepper mills from William Bounds’ Pep Art Mills.

About William Bounds’ Pep Art Mills: “Evenly crushing peppercorns with innovative mill mechanisms, William Bounds’ Pep Art Mills are a creative kitchen staple. Hand painted and adjustable, the entertaining must-haves in this whimsical collection complement any countertop or table setting. Choose a coordinated set or create your own combination—these eccentric essentials bring the quirk and flavor to every meal.”

I have my eye on the Eggplant & Apple PepArt Petite Tulip Set: “Designed by artist Robert Wilhelm, the new PepArt Petite Tulip Set is petite in size, but grand in style. It features the exclusive William Bounds milling mechanism, which crushes rather than grinds peppercorns to extract fresh flavor and oils. Fully adjustable from extra fine to extra coarse. Salt shaker topped with stainless steel sieve.”

Find all the cool artistic housewares of William Bounds’ Pep Art Mills here.