CaoI don’t really care for chocolate.

There, I said it.

This has caused a lot of controversy over the years. “What’s wrong with you? Everybody likes chocolate,” is what I have heard many times over the years. I just don’t care for it. But, I love that people love the stuff and love the culture surrounding the best chocolates. Case in point, the fine folks at Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Cacao Prieto – their chocolates and packaging are truly works of art.

About Cacao Prieto: “Cacao Prieto’s Beans-to-Bar chocolate is made fresh daily from the finest organic, single origin Dominican Cacao and beans-to-bottle spirits distilled into a line of small batch, cacao-based liqueurs and rums. Look closer and it becomes clear that Cacao Prieto is a crucial meeting place of ideas, of traditions, of dreams and technology. It is a place, finally, where the creation of delicious chocolate and liquor resonates with an idealistic sense of purpose stating that making one thing the right way might just makes the world a better place.”

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