pretzI have mentioned before that I really do not have a sweet tooth and don’t enjoy chocolate in particular but love the whole confectionary culture.

But I really like old school candy shops, like the fine folks at Philadelphia’s Shane Candy Co. where candy has been made going back 150 years.

About the Shane Candy Co. of Philadelphia: “Since 1863 the floorboards of 110 Market Street have absorbed the hurried footfall of confectioners hard at work. The walls have drunk in the mingled aromas of boiling fruit essences, of chocolates cooling on thick marble slabs, of the slowly-turning churn of cooking butter-cream fondant. The aging lumber of the building has housed the efforts of furrow-browed confectioners to bring a familiar sweetness or the exoticism of distant lands to the palettes of their loyal clientele. This space has held the stances of dreamers who carry on the craft of culinary romantics that has crumbled into mediocrity, parody, or forgery outside of its walls.”

I do think that I could be tempted to try Shane Candy’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel Assortment: “A large box of 16 of our hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels in both Milk & Dark Chocolate.”

See all the hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels of Shane Candy Co. here.

Shane Candy Co. is located at No.110 Market St in the great city of Philadelphia PA.