daneI love the work of multimedia artist Dane Carder, who draws inspiration from the ghostly images of the American Civil War. His paintings, which take on the look of the tintypes of the era, seem to reach into the past to bring the spirit – or ghosts – of the war alive again.

About artist Dane Carder: “Dane Carder was born (1972), raised, and still lives in Nashville, in the deep end of the pool of our nation’s history. After several attempts at attaining an art degree, he opted for a long course of self-taught study in a studio at Chestnut Square. For nearly twenty years, he has been steadfast in his pursuit to create meaningful Work. Dane has exhibited in a variety of art spaces and galleries, and for five years he has curated other artists’ shows at threesquared, a gallery within his studio. For the last seven years, he has utilized Civil War images in a universal, symbolic expression of life’s ironic combination of tragedy and beauty, of despair and hope.”

Check out the paintings of Dane Carder here.