retroOK, every now and then I find a merchant that just screams awesomeness. Such is the case with Retro Metal Chairs – their very name is just the coolest thing ever.

The fine folks at Retro Metal Chairs, the retail face of Torrans Manufacturing Company, are dedicated to preserving the fine art of the vintage style metal chairs we all love.

About Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC: “Today, Skip and Kathy Torrans produce vintage correct stamped steel furniture to the same and in most instances better standards than many of the past manufacturers. Their furniture is not simple retro knockoffs made to look like the antique originals but are instead faithful continuations with only minor superficial changes. Parts used on their chairs and gliders directly exchange with many vintage examples. So much so that providing hardware, frames and other parts to people restoring antique pieces is now a growing part of their business. Torrans Manufacturing Company, LLC services traditional furniture retailers, hardware stores, garden and nursery centers, specialty merchants and a select list of online retailers. They take great pride in offering their customers only the best in vintage style lawn furniture meant to continue the tradition of informal backyard and front porch seating.”

There are many awesome designs to choose from at Retro Metal Chairs, but if I had my choice I would go with the Bellaire Double Glider from Retro Metal Chairs.

About the Bellaire Double Glider from Retro Metal Chairs: “Originally designed about 1946 by the late Ed Warmack of Fort Smith, Arkansas. These Art Deco inspired stamped steel chairs were purchased by the tens of thousands during the booming years of the Post-War Atomic Era. Ed’s colorful steel lawn furniture could be found on porches, in backyards, fronts of motels and around pools all across America. Their popularity extends today! Ed sold his company in 1955. Production continued until 1970 when again the factory was traded. New owners, Flanders Industries which later became Lloyd Flanders maintained prolific production until 1996. In 2001, Torrans Manufacturing Co., LLC began making its line of this traditional lawn furniture to the same specifications used by previous manufacturers. Heavy duty frames, stainless steel fasteners and high gloss UV resistant powder coat all add up to traditional value your grandparents would be proud of!”

Check out all the awesomeness that is Retro Metal Chairs here.