In the nearly one year since I have been living in Kansas City, I have driven here from my home in New Hampshire a couple of times. The 24 hours of road time is not as bad as it sounds as you get to travel across a scenic and fertile part of the country with plenty of milestones and places of interest. While crossing through Indiana, I was struck by how many wineries there were there – not vineyards per se, but the Plainfield Winery, in Plainfield, IN and the J&J Winery, in Richmond. IN are nice places to stop to break up a road trip.

Plainfield Winery, Plainfield, IN

WIND1About Plainfield Winery, Plainfield, IN:

“It started in the 1970s, when Dr. Charles Thomas, a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist, decided to expand his winemaking hobby into a full-time venture. But first, he did his homework. He dutifully collected and studied the finest French wines. He took various formal winemaking and wine-tasting courses. He traveled to Napa to study under some the most renowned winemakers in the world. Then, in 1984, he and his wife, Jill, launched Chateau Thomas Winery on Indianapolis’s Southside. The incredible growth of Chateau Thomas Winery since then is a reflection of Dr. Thomas’s commitment to his craft. These days, the winery produces more than 15,000 cases of 50 different varieties of wine annually. The wines are crafted in an old world, French tradition, from grapes imported from the west coast.”

Plainfield Winery, Tasting Room & Gift Shoppe is located at 6291 Cambridge Way in Plainfield, IN.

J&J Winery, Richmond. IN

wind2About J&J Winery:

“J&J Winery, located at the cross roads of America on Old National Road between J&J Winery and Centerville, Indiana, is an aesthetic hidden gem. Come and enjoy our sprawling picturesque setting and have your palate quenched with our award winning wines and authentic, Italian wood-fired pizzas and paninis.”

J&J Winery is located at 3415 National Road West in Richmond, IN.