bgToday’s Find will come as no surprise to anyone who has spent any time here on Lost Cowboy…

…the Bicycle Love Etched Whiskey Rocks Glasses I found from East Mesa Design.

I love bicycles and love me some whiskey (in the form of good old Kentucky bourbon of course) and I can honor both of these loves with these cool glasses.

About the Bicycle Love Etched Whiskey Rocks Glasses from East Mesa Design: “Bicycle etched glasses: for that moment when your ride is conquered, or you’re relaxing and grilling on a lazy Sunday. These glasses make it easy to enjoy your favorite refreshment it.”

About East Mesa Design: “It all started with a simple idea – design my own drinkware with fun, simple designs. I didn’t envision a business, so I didn’t start with a formal plan. I had no specialized training, but I applied my research skills and learned the craft. I am self-taught from design programs, photoresist stencils, and sandblasting techniques. It has also been a learning experience in e-commerce, social media, website design, and blogging.”

Learn more about East Mesa Design here.