btfWhen I was a kid I loved models, but had zero patience in making them. My brother on the other hand was a master model maker and some of his 70’s-vintage models are still around and looking good. All of the models I completed (there were only a few) are long lost to the trash heap.

But I still like models and I like retro pop culture models like the kind the fine folks at Round 2 Models make. Round 2 Models has a full line of great model kits based on vintage movies and TV shows, many with built in audiences (like me) like the Back To the Future Delorean Model Kit.

About the Back To the Future Delorean Model Kit from Round 2 Models: “In the classic series of Back To the Future movies, the iconic Delorean Time Machine evolved from film to film. The surprise ending to the first movie hinted at what was to come as the Delorean lifted off the ground and took flight. This model kit from Polar Lights introduces the BTTF II Time Machine. It features the same brushed-metal finish used on the 2013 release, but also supplies new parts to hold the wheels in pivoted flying position. A stand system holds the model off the ground to complete the kit.”

Find the Back To the Future Delorean Model Kit from Round 2 Models here.

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