BRTILIB3The British Library in London is a treasure trove of rare, historic and iconic items in a city full of such things. Officially, the British Library is the keeper of all materials printed in the United Kingdom and has rare manuscripts in its collection ranging from the Magna Carta to hand-written lyrics of the Beatles.

As the repository of all things printed, the British Library is sitting on a gold mine of images from its collection – something that would be hard to see were it not for the internet. The fine folks at the British Library have created a Flickr gallery that to date contains more than a million images and it is the coolest thing in the world to browse.

I will be forever in the debt to my dear friend Lynda who turned me on the British Library’s Flickr feed with a simple email containing a link and the subject line: “You’re welcome!”

Indeed, I have spent many hours flipping through the galleries which are grouped into several albums, including my favorites: Images of Cycling and a Collection of Book Covers.

BRTILIB2You can also view all the images all in one album – that’s all one million plus in one place.

Browse The British Library’s more than one million posted images here.

Explore The British Library’s Albums by theme here.

See The British Library’s Cycling Album here.

See The British Library’s Book Covers Album here.

Visit The British Library’s online galleries and exhibitions here.

See all the riches of The British Library here.

And oh yeah…

You’re welcome!