MULLI eat a lot of energy bars. I try to stay away from the bars that have extra caffeine and other “energy boosters” in them. I prefer the natural boost of energy you can get from quality ingredients. I always thought one way to ensure my energy bars had the right mix of what I want in them would be to make my own. But how does one do that?

Well, I recently came across this recipe for Homemade Energy Bars in Men’s Journal magazine. The recipe, supplied by Men’s Journal contributor Seamus Mullen, is relatively simple and easily adaptable.

About the Homemade Energy Bar Recipe from Men’s Journal: “I like to make my own bars out of a combo of dried fruit, nuts, chia seeds, coconut flakes, ground coffee (one of the oldest and safest performance-enhancement drugs). I cut them in squares and wrap them in waxed paper, and I have a perfect meal on the go.”

Mr. Mullen’s recipe gave me the guidance and the confidence that I could make my own bars. Heck, it is basically a no-bake cookie. It took some trial and error – and replacing some of his ingredients for my own (no expresso or coconut and peanuts instead of almonds) I succeeded and I was impressed with my work (if I don’t say so myself). The key word is indeed “work” – so I won’t be making these too often but it is good to know I can do whenever I want.

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