SATCHI have several bags that I use to carry my stuff here and there depending on the day. These bags range from computer bags to back packs to messenger bags. None of these bags are anything I would consider something I love – but considering how much I use and rely on them, I think it is time that I invest in something really special to, well, carry my junk. Which is why I have been eyeing the fine leather satchels of Colsen Keane recently.

About Colsen Keane: “At Colsen Keane Leather, we are obsessed with using the best hides in the world. The vast majority of our leather products are made with hides tanned and treated here in the United States. We work primary with three tanneries Horween, Hermann Oak and Wickett & Craig.”

In particular I love Colsen Keane’s No. 820 – The Classic Satchel in Crazy Horse.

About The Classic Satchel in Crazy Horse from Colsen Keane: “When I stumbled across a few Crazy Horse cowhides, I scooped up all I could get my hands on. The few items we carry in this leather are limited edition. The hue of this leather seems to evolve daily. The dilemma: you want a bag that will hold more than just your iPad or MacBook. You want to carry a few books, your power cord, your pens and moleskin journal. Or you want a really great bag for transporting your paperwork and a light sweater. You want an adjustable strap and a satchel that can withstand the rigors of being thrown in the overhead compartment and being tossed in the backseat of the jeep. As with all our items, necessity, experimentation in our shop and an abundance of leather scraps scattering the floor were our process to creating a satchel worthy of transporting MacBooks, real books and more. Like us, we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with its utility and old world reminiscence.”

At nearly $800 the Crazy Horse satchel would indeed be an investment – but surely one that it is worth it. I could save my pennies or hope that someone out there who may still be looking for the perfect gift for a dear friend who may or may not have recently celebrated a milestone birthday…

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