pretzWhen I was a kid we used to make pretzels at home. It was a simple recipe, a basic dough that we molded into pretzel shapes, brushed with an egg mixture, sprinkled with coarse salt and baked. These creations were delicious and one of the first things I remember ever making myself in the kitchen. I have always loved pretzels and wondered why I stopped making them. Well, for one thing I grew up and moved on to other things, and second, I did not have the luxury of the great book, Pretzel Making at Home by Andrea Slonecker (with photographs by Alex Farnum).

About Pretzel Making at Home by Andrea Slonecker: “Here’s a new twist on an old favorite: pretzels warm from the oven. DIY bakers can make their own crunchy, chewy, savory, or sweet artisan pretzels with this collection of 50 recipes that imagines every way to shape, fill, and top them. Here are the traditional versions as well as novel creations such as Philly cheesesteak pretzel pockets and fried pretzel with cinnamon sugar. More substantial dishes like wild mushroom and chestnut pretzel stuffing, and pretzel bread pudding with caramel sauce elevate the humble pretzel to dinner-table fare as this tantalizing cookbook takes a cherished everyday snack to the next level of culinary creativity.”

With her book, Ms. Slonecker had reignited my desire to try pretzel baking at home anew. The book is full of all sorts of tips and recipes along with a great history of the ubiquitous snack. As an added benefit, Pretzel Making at Home also includes a great section on one of the most iconic of culinary pairings: mustards and pretzels.

Pretzel Making at Home by Andrea Slonecker can be found at Amazon and other fine booksellers.