ROCKI love old-world craftsmanship and there is nothing better than classic tiles and pottery. The fine folks at Rookwood Pottery have committed themselves to keeping the ancient art of pottery alive and preserving old designs, patterns and the quality only the finest craftsmanship can offer.

About Rookwood Pottery: “In what is one of the more unique stories of art and architecture, Rookwood Pottery traces its roots in Cincinnati, Ohio back more than 100 years ago. World-renowned for impeccable design and craftsmanship, we continue to embrace this tradition of excellence with inspiring designs and original standards for exceptional quality. Today, Rookwood Pottery provides artisan quality products – art tile, art pottery, corporate gifts and special commissions – for designers, architects, homeowners and businesses.”

Rookwood Pottery offers many great products from architectural tiles to traditional pottery. But I love the collection of gift tiles they offer – which makes Rookwood’s quality accessible and affordable, like the Iriquois decorative Tile.

About Rookwood Pottery’s Iriquois Tile: “The Iriquois Tile is a historical tile from our 1912 catalog that Rookwood has brought back. This 6×6 tile has imagery of pine needles and pine cones. It has a companion (Iriquois B), and they were historically right and left tiles intended to be focal points of an installation.”

Check out Rookwood Pottery’s collection of gift tiles here.

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