ff8I just love the Akiko Teak & Steel Petanque Set I found from Kaufmann Mercantile. Not only is it a game that rivals bocce (which I have been known to play here and there) this pétanque set is a gorgeous piece of art and design.

About the Akiko Teak & Steel Petanque Set from Kaufmann Mercantile: “Similar to its Italian cousin bocce, pétanque is a game in which the aim is to throw larger balls to get as close as possible to the “jack,” a smaller wooden ball. In France they call the wooden jack a cochonnet, which translates to “little pig.” The sturdy teak wood storage and carrying case makes this chrome plated stainless steel pétanque set suitable as a fixture in the backyard or for on-the-go games at the park. Teak wood is naturally rich in oils, making it highly resistant to weather, moisture, rot, fungus or other damaging conditions. The smaller balls or jacks, which are the target of the game, are also made of teak wood. The hollow steel balls are chrome plated so that they maintain their high polish, but the coating also makes them durable and easy to clean—even after several rounds in the dirt.”

Find the Akiko Teak & Steel Petanque Set from Kaufmann Mercantile here.

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