DwarfFor some reason I always wanted a small citrus tree in my home. I think it is because winters are so long that the idea of having a fruit baring tree in the house would make the cold a little easier to deal with. This is the year! I am going to order a Dwarf Citrus Tree from Four Winds Growers.

About the Dwarf Citrus trees from Four Winds Growers: “We produce smaller trees with delicious, full-sized fruit for your garden Four Winds Growers is a family owned and operated citrus nursery in California. In the late 1940s, our founder developed the world’s first Dwarf Citrus trees. Today, we offer more than 60 varieties of fine Citrus trees online. These include a selection of rare and unusual Citrus varieties, some of which are not yet available at retail nurseries in California.”

I like the Organic Washington Navel – Three Year Old Tree: “The Washington Navel is the ‘classic’ navel orange tree, first cultivated commercially in Riverside California in the late 1800’s. It is considered an Heirloom Variety. Three Year-Old Tree Four Winds Growers’ Organic Dwarf Citrus trees are third-party certified Organic by Yolo Certified Organic Agriculture (YCOA). These trees have been grown under strict guidelines approved for organic production using all natural Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approved materials.”

Learn more about Four Winds Growers here.

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