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TD2My mother’s basic turkey stuffing is by far the best stuffing one could ever hope to have in a lifetime and it is a standard at our Thanksgiving dinners every year. However, my sister insists on making an “alternative stuffing” every year and some of these efforts have been better than others. But the one we will try this year sounds like a real winner: the recipe for Chef Stephanie Izard’s Stuffing with Apples & Pork Sausage I found from Abe’s Market.

About the recipe for Chef Stephanie Izard’s Stuffing with Apples & Pork Sausage: “Stuffing can be bland, lumpy and gross, but it shouldn’t be. Do yourself a flavor (ha, see what we did there?) and follow chef Stephanie Izard’s recipe for stuffing with apples, using some day-old nutty and a sweeter bread, pork sausage, cheddar cheese, her Rub #1 and more for this sweet and savory spin on Thanksgiving stuffing.”

Find the recipe for Chef Stephanie Izard’s Stuffing with Apples & Pork Sausage from Abe’s Market here.

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SIDESJust in time for Thanksgiving (at least for the Kindle version) I present: The Big Book of Sides: More than 450 Recipes for the Best Vegetables, Grains, Salads, Breads, Sauces, and More by Rick Rodgers.

If you are like me, Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes and I am always looking for new twists on old classics and totally new ideas to compliment the turkey. In The Big Book of Sides, Mr. Rodgers gives us more than 400 great ideas for side dishes that will make any dinner more special.

About The Big Book of Sides by Rick Rodgers: “Whether planning a quick dinner after work or a holiday meal for a crowd, you will never be stumped for a side dish again. Side dishes make the meal. Think about it: What’s a burger without fries, turkey without stuffing, or barbecue without coleslaw, baked beans, or macaroni and cheese—or all three? The Big Book of Sides contains more than 450 delicious recipes to complement any dish. Award-winning cooking teacher and author Rick Rodgers has carefully compiled a variety of wonderful options, from traditional to inspired, Americana to ethnic, Southern fare to California cuisine. Sections include Eat Your Vegetables, From the Root Cellar, A Hill of Beans, Righteous Rice and Great Grains, and Pasta and Friends.”

More than just a book for the holidays, The Big Book of Sides will give you ideas for meals throughout the year and maybe even a few that will become the main course.

The Big Book of Sides by Rick Rodgers is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.