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The Chelsea Bike from Martone Cycling.




These “Black Cat Holiday Sweet Notes” from Parkside Paper and Gifts.




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FF: Smoked Rainbow Trout Caviar from Sunburst Trout Farms

RBTCaviar is a nice treat for the holidays – but can be a budget buster. However, it is all relative, and the Smoked Rainbow Trout Caviar I found from North Carolina-based Sunburst Trout Farms is a great alternative to its more exotic cousins.

About the Smoked Rainbow Trout Caviar from Sunburst Trout Farms: “Drawing on our tradition of fine smoked products, our Smoked Trout Caviar gets its subtle smoke flavoring from local Oak dust. The same smoking techniques that we employee for our Cold Smoked Trout are utilized to bring you this product that has all of the quality and characteristics of our trout caviar with an enhanced flavor profile. Available in 2oz and 4oz sizes.”

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FF: The Carolina Flakes salt from Bulls Bay Saltworks

FF1Just down the coast in South Carolina you can find the fine folks at Bulls Bay Saltworks where you can purchase their signature Carolina Flakes.

About the Carolina Flakes salt from Bulls Bay Saltworks: “Designed with professional and home chefs in mind, our flake salt is grown in a non-reactive container leaving no metallic aftertaste, placing it leagues above all other flake salts that we’ve tried. Carolina Flakes are best pinched with your fingers and sprinkled over fresh foods such as salads, veggies and grilled fish. You don’t have to stop there though, replace your table salt with it and your life may change!

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FF: Chocolate Covered Peanuts from Bertie County Peanuts

FF2Finally in our tour of the Carolinas, you have to try the Chocolate Covered Peanuts I found from North Carolina’s Bertie County Peanuts – a step up from the ordinary chocolate covered peanut candy you are used to.

About the Chocolate Covered Peanuts from Bertie County Peanuts: “There is nothing like it! These chocolaty morsels can’t be beat. We make these treats the old fashioned way, slowly by hand in small batches. We take the best of our Blister-Fried peanuts, stir them into some of the tastiest melted chocolate and then “hand flop” them onto a cooling table. The result is various cluster sizes with the best blend of salt and sugar tastes ever!”

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