January may not be the month most of us in the northern reaches of the USA think about riding bicycles – but it turns out to be a great time to buy one. The holidays are passed and the spring is a way off yet and many dealers are willing to make some great deals. Today, we feature a spectrum of bicycles that have caught our eyes recently.

FF: Yeti Cycles’ 303 WC

YETIThe fine folks at Colorado-based Yeti Cycles are seriously cool and they make some seriously cook bikes – like the 303 WC.

About Yeti Cycles’ 303 WC: “The 303 WC is a pure race machine, born and bred on the World Cup circuit with input from our factory team. It’s made to go fast. A custom developed and hydro-formed tube set helps keep the frame strong and light while our refined linear rail technology smooths out even the most technical race courses. The 303 WC pedals extremely well without sacrificing small bump sensitivity and eats up time-stealing square edge bumps with ease. It keeps the lively, agile feel of the 303 RDH and while still being able to plow through the rough stuff like the original 303 DH. We’ve also added all the nice finishing touches you would come to expect on a bike of this caliber. Integrated fork bumpers protect the frame and fork without fail, the removable and replaceable ISCG mounts keep your frame safe in the event of a breakage, and there is ample room to easily tune the rear shock.”

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FF: The P5 from Cervelo

CERVMeanwhile, German bicycle company, Cervelo makes some beautiful high performance bikes, like the gorgeous P5.

About the P5 bicycle from Cervelo: “The P5 brings to the world the most advanced and the most aerodynamic triathlon/TT bike possible. Designed using Formula 1-level Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD) and proven in the wind tunnel, the P5 is six to 11 watts faster than other so-called “superbikes”. Fast and fit, this frameset is the most aerodynamic, best-fitting, and best match of stiffness and comfort. Proven as the fastest in the wind tunnel, its superiority is also demonstrated in its simplicity. The low-maintenance exclusive hydraulic brake system from Magura is aerodynamically superior and lighter than mechanical brakes, and yet stops on a dime. Designed for speed and versatility, this bike features a variety of custom and intuitive storage solutions combining optimal aero locations with ease of access. Skin surfaces are tuned to optimize airflow conditions, resulting in crucial time savings of ~30 seconds in a 40-kilometre race.”

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FF: The Simple, Practical and Elegant bikes of Priority Bicycles

PRIORDown the spectrum from the performance and specialty bikes of Yeti and Cervelo, the fine folks at New York-based Priority Bicycles are dedicated to making quality affordable ready-to-ride bikes and they are really great.

About Priority Bicycles: “To deliver on our mission of making cycling easier for the recreational rider, Priority has developed a truly unique bicycle unlike anything else on the market. Not only are our bikes high quality and low cost, they are engineered for ease of use and require no regular maintenance. Priority Bicycles come ready to ride – tools and a pump are included in the box, so nothing stands between you and the open roads except a simple four-step, approximately five minute assembly process. If you don’t love your new bicycle, Priority will take it back no questions asked.”

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