LONDONIt is no secret that I have had a lifelong love affair with the great city of London. Of course I am not alone in this love, as London has been the subject of fawning for centuries. And that is a good thing as it means there is a never ending flow of books about the city like the wonderful new London Sketchbook by Jason Brooks.

In London Sketchbook, Mr. Brooks illustrates the city in new and thrilling ways – something you would think as impossible considering all the art the city has inspired over the years.

About London Sketchbook by Jason Brooks: “This follow-up to Jason Brooks’s highly successful Paris Sketchbook is a stunning gift book that brings the big smoke to life through beautiful imagery. From the West End to the Square Mile and from Liberty to hipster hang-outs, Brooks explores modern-day London through his unique visual repertoire that unites high fashion, fine art and traveller’s sketches made on the fly. Although best known for his gorgeous fashion illustrations, which feature regularly in Vogue and Elle, travel has been a recurrent theme in Brooks’s work and, with this new volume, his picturesque adventures continue to amuse and inspire. Part guide book, part illustrated journal, this whimsical take on the swinging city will appeal to both London lovers and fashionistas. Sumptuous production with different stocks and inks will make this a must for anyone who loves fashion illustration and beautiful books.”

Anyone who loves London will love London Sketchbook, but the book will also inspire fans of great art – and great book design – and may even be responsible for a few new fans for the city. But keep in mind, I saw her first!

London Sketchbook by Jason Brooks is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.