MACTEAI’ve been making tea just about every day since October. I boil my water in an electric kettle and brew loose tea in a lovely teapot. I love my teapot, but I have to admit it is rather plain – so I have been on the lookout for a new teapot to perk things up. I see all sorts of fun teapots – some just novelty pots and not very functional – but some that are fun and functional – like the Courtly Check Teapot I found from MacKenzie-Childs – which very well be exactly what I need.

About the Courtly Check Teapot from MacKenzie-Childs: “Who doesn’t love the cozy charm of an old-fashioned teapot. This chubby charmer crafted of clay and hand-painted with our iconic, bold Courtly Check® pattern is tops on the wish list for many a bride and groom. Whether it’s tea for one or a whole cast of characters, this teapot’s as cozy as chamomile in the company of friends. A beautiful juxtaposition of ivory and onyx, our deceptively simple signature checks reveal an intricate spectrum of jewel-toned colors. Handmade, fired, glazed, fired again, hand-painted, fired again, and embellished with lustre, each piece is stamped by the artisans involved in its creation.”

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