FF: The Good Sleep Masks from Ore’ Originals

EYEI am one of those people that likes to wear a sleep mask on long air flights. I have a few masks, but they are all a variation of the traditional black mask. Now I have found something much better – The Good Sleep Masks I found from Ore’ Originals.

About the Good Sleep Masks from Ore’ Originals: “Perfect for home or travel, the Good Sleep™ Mask blocks out light so you can enjoy a quick cat-nap or maximize the benefits of a full night of deep, refreshing sleep. Makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys being whisked away to dreamland. Elastic strap fits most – do not over-tighten.”

I like the Bicycle Built for Two version.

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FF: The Chalkboard Vase from The Creative Home

FF4Meanwhile, my feeling that anything that you can turn into a chalkboard should be turned into a chalkboard is exemplified in this Chalkboard Vase I found from the fine folks at The Creative Home.

About the Chalkboard Vase from The Creative Home: “Designer Ricardo Saint-Clair likes to create pieces that foster communication and interaction (bingo!). His playful Chalkboard Vase from 2005 features a chalkboard front that can be used for drawings, messages and doodles of all kinds. But wait! That’s not all. The top of the bud vase houses a removable glass tube designed to hold water and flowers. A small hole on the side of the vase holds the chalk that comes with the vase. Chalkboard Vase was included in the 2012 show Destination: Brazil, a MoMA exhibit highlighting lifestyle products from Brazil.”

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