UMBMy trip to Italy in 2011 was one of my most favorite vacations in the Lost Cowboy era. In particular, the glorious week exploring Umbria was a true highlight.

My urge to return to Umbria was reignited recently when I came across To Umbria – fine folks who offer specialty tours to Umbria, like the perfectly curated “Photography, Food & Wine Tour.” Noted food writer Suzanne Carreiro, and Master Photographer Murray Rockowitz, have teamed up to offer this great tour package and I am truly tempted.

About the “Eat, Drink and Make Photos in Umbria” Tour: “If you’ve been searching the internet for a great photography tour in Europe, your search is over. There are so many things that make our Photography, Food & Wine Tour and unique. First, it’s the only tour in Umbria lead by a master photographer AND an Umbrian cookbook author. Second, photography is woven into each days’ events–eating, cooking, sightseeing, tasting wine, plus lessons at the villa and individual consultations with Murray. You get to decide how much of your time you want to spend making photos. After all, who wants to travel all the way to Umbria to do nothing but listen to lectures and talk about photography? We bet you’d like to do a little shopping, eat great food, possibly learn to cook a few authentic recipes, and learn about the region’s wine, as well as see the region’s glorious architecture and enchanting landscape. While everyone will learn to improve their photos, Suzanne will make sure you have a rich cultural, food, and wine experience.”

Learn more about the “Eat, Drink and Make Photos in Umbria” Tour here.

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